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Past Winners of Arts Quincy Student Arts Awards

Past Student Arts Award (aka All-American Kids) Winners are:

 Arts Quincy's Executive Director Laura Sievert stands with the winners of the 2017-18 Student Art Awards (left to right) Jacob Schreake (Instrumental Music), Noah Klauser (Creative Writing), Adelle Seamann (Theatre/Performing Arts), Hannah Kasparie (Visual Arts) and Lauren Tweedell (Vocal Music).

2016-2017 Student Art Award Winners - 
(L-R) Maddi Ehmen (Dance), Felix Hammock (Visual Arts) and Alison Hutson (Music). Not pictured: Marleigh Fifer (Theatre).

2015-16 Student Art Award Winners -
Joseph Regner (Music)
Emma Figge (Theatre)
Camden Scifes (Theater)
Nevin McNally (Visual Arts)
Andrea Heiden (Dance)

2014-15 - 
Andrew Cliatt (Music)

Megan Maiers (Theatre)
Graham Steinkamp (Visual Arts)

Kyra Schuckman (Dance)

2013-14 - Cassandra Steffen (Science/Math)
Katelyn Nelson (Arts/Humanities)
Andrew Dixon (Sports)

2012-13 - Cassandra Steffen (Science/Math)
Katelyn Nelson (Arts/Humanities)
Andrew Dixon (Sports)

201-12 - Emily E. Schwartz (Science /Math)
Abby Biswell & Luke Engelmeyer (Arts/Humanities)
Parker Bland (Sports)

2010-11 - Katie Engelmeyer (Science/Math)
Kelly Obert (Arts/Humanities)
Malique Robbins (Sports)

2009-10 - Tyler Dean (Science/Math)
Breanna McCaughey (Arts/Humanities)
George Crickard IV (Sports)

2008-09 - Steven Musholt (Science/Math)
Kelsi Zaerr (Arts/Humaities)
Kaleigh Kuhlman (Sports)

2007-08 - Dejan Vrtikapa (Science/Math)
Blake Johnson (Arts/Humanities)
Clayton Roll (Sports)

2006-07 - Tanner Clevenger (Science/Math)
Braedon Rodenberg (Arts/Humanities),
Evan Briddle (Sports)

2005-06 - Eric Merriss (Science/Math)
Marlee Labroo (Arts/Humanities)
Rachel Powers (Sports)

2004-05 - John Hayashi (Science/Math)
Brittany Daly (Arts/Humanities)
Alexis Coleman (Sports)

2003-04 - Drew Cuthbertson (Science/Math)
Trevor Ketteman (Arts/Humanities)
Mercedes Elizabeth Rhoades (Sports)

2002-03 - Phillip Johnson (Science/Math)
Evan Bordewick (Arts/Humanities)
Luke Guthrie (Sports)

2001-02 - Ryan Wellman (Science/Math)
Jane Hayashi (Arts/Humanities)
Emily Powers (Sports)

2000-01 - Zachary Bentley (Science/Math)
Cory Chew (Arts/Humanities)
Anna Leeds (Sports)

1999-2000 - Daniel Walt (Science/Math)
Jillian Johnson (Arts/Humanities)
Katie Cashman (Sports)

1998-99 - Steven Schlepphorst (Science/Math)
Sarah Walden (Arts/Humanities)
Scott Smith (Sports)

1997-98 - Katy Norris (Science/Math)
Lamont Robbins (Arts/Humanities)
Scott Koester (Sports)

1996-97 - Chris Meyer (Science/Math)
Jessica Farlow (Arts/Humanities)
Joseph Fessler (Sports)

1995-96 - Robert Hart (Science/Math)
Megan Winkeljohn (Arts/Humanities)
Julie Kruse (Sports)

1994-95 - Frances Fonza (Science/Math)
Cris Gualberto (Arts/Humanities)
Caroline O’Neal (Arts/Humanities)
Brenda Ippensen (Sports)

1993-94 - Amanda Bratton (Science/Math)
Sara Triplett (Arts/Humanities)
Mike Vahle (Sports)

1992-93 - Samantha Soebbing (Science/Math)
Elizabeth Stanley (Arts/Humanities)
Chris Martin (Sports)

1991-92 - Darren Simon (Science/Math)
Jay Schleppenbach (Arts/Humanities)
Becky Peterson (Sports)

1990-91 - Jonathon March (Science/Math)
Andy Lyons (Arts/Humanities)
Sayeed Ali (Sports)

1989-90 - Jesse Starman (Science/Math)
Matthew Henning (Arts/Humanities)
Monique Fletcher (Sports)

1988-89 - Brian Hecox (Science/Math)
Andrea Bloom (Arts/Humanities)
Mett Pettit (Sports)

1987-88 - Scott Herbert (Science/Math)
Monica Chilton (Arts/Humanities)
Trudi Junk (Sports)

1986-87 - Nicole Shaffer (Science/Math)
Kristin Dowler (Arts/Humanities)
Jennifer Hageman (Arts/Humanities)
Chris Herbst (Sports)

1985-86 - Scott Ohnemus (Science/Math)
Michelle Givens (Arts/Humanities)
Andy Waggoner (Sports)
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