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  • April 06, 2015 10:03 AM | Laura Sievert (Administrator)

    The last Sunday of the month, the Sunday Music Series, run by Dr. Phyllis Robertson, showcases some of the extraordinary talents we have in Quincy and the surrounding areas.  The March 29 show consisted of many talented musicians that sang, played piano, clarinet, cello and Basset Horn, to name a few. A large portion of the selection was modern music, most of it new to me.  One after another, these talented musicians paraded up in front of a mostly full house at the Unitarian Church and played their hearts out to the best of their abilities.  We listened with rapt attention, again and again, applauding each of them with enthusiasm.

    But who put this event together? Yes Dr. Robertson runs the series, but she gives freedom to area artists to put together a show of their choice.

    On this particular Sunday, Robert March was the leader of this series, and behind every one of those talented musicians, was Bob and his incredible skills on the ivory.  Awesome?  Flawless?  Incredible?  I would answer each of those to his particular performance.

    An accompanist greatest skill is to feature and follow the lead, and Bob was not only gracious and generous, but his playing was phenomenal!  Have you ever heard him? If you like music and you live in the Quincy area, I’d say yes!

    I am in awe of him!  In his eighties, he goes from performing in the Pit of Spamalot, to running his church group, to singing with the Symphony Chorus to rehearsing and performing for the Sunday Music Series.  He served in the armed forces, plays for the Rotary Club of Quincy (boy do we love that), and is a father.

    I say hats off to this indomitable soul who has given so much to his country & community.

    Bob March, you are THE MAN!

  • March 30, 2015 2:11 PM | Laura Sievert (Administrator)

    Whew!  These last few months have not been easy!  Yes, it was my idea to make so many changes. No, the board and I decided to not implement all of them. No, I didn't have to do them all at once. But, in the end, it will prove to have been a wise choice and to have been worth it.

    I’ve been furiously writing grants in order to pay for these changes, and have been negotiating with area firms to make it an affordable prospect, but I am excited.  It is that excitement that is getting me through these past few weeks, and the next few upcoming ones.

    Excited for the new format of the color Arts Quincy Magazine.  Excited for the new website and all of the things we can do with it, such as; on-line membership renewals, and eventually, selling tickets and taking registrations for classes.  Excited to finally change our commercial, because, even though I love the Big River Harmonizers, it’s time to change the “It’s for youuuuuuu-Ding!”

    It’s great to have all new technology to help us fulfill our mission, but can someone tell me why that one printer won’t recognize me?!?

    As with new technology, a number of things had to be changed or go by the wayside:

    Our old data system had become obsolete

    Our new website will help us put it all together again, but it may take some time-but we’ll get there!

    We changed the focus of our two award programs-the George M. Irwin Arts Awards and the Arts Quincy Student Arts Awards- and with that comes some figuring out.

    We changed the Riverfest to ArtsMANIA, held at the Quincy Mall, with a complete focus on our Partner organizations and their activities. Oh, that’s right, we changing how we call the organizations under our umbrella, from Member Organizations to Partner Organizations.

    Some of our changes were very difficult, and they were internal changes that affected our personnel, and with that, we lost some of our greatest resources, but they still remain our friends. 

    We now have new personnel, and they are working like I am, to make this organization the best it can possibly be (and, truth be told, they’re the ones who do all the work!).

    So, change ain’t easy, but it can sometimes be great, and this is one of those times.

    Now get out there and make some art!


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